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One of the ways we help:

Under special contract, Good Neighbor Insurance currently offers short-term groups one of the best short-term team insurance rates available anywhere.

These rates are even less than the carrier itself advertises online for the exact same short-term group insurance plan.

GNI negotiated this rate for those teams and organizations that have difficulty qualifying for our special contracted rates. It’s another example of how we provide the absolute best products and benefits to those who need them most.  These groups often do not have a large corporation behind them to negotiate on their behalf or pay their premiums. Our volume of sales and relationships with major carriers help our clients as we negotiate on their behalf and offer assistance with their claims.  This is reflected in the thousands of happy customers we have all over the globe.

We are often asked why someone should rely on a broker like Good Neighbor Insurance versus going to the insurance carriers directly.

  1. The price is the same since our commission is paid by the carrier and you get better service, expertise and care. That's the advantage of having a good neighbor ready to help you!

  2. Consider this:

    What if a particular carrier doesn’t have the best policy to fit you?

    What if the right insurance plan is with another company?

    How long will it take for you to call each of them directly, answer their questions, and then repeat the process?

    Do you know which carriers should you trust for responding quickly, and quickly paying claims?

    Is it important that some have an impressive medical staff on hand in case you need to call on them?

Good Neighbor Insurance has selected the best insurance providers to meet your needs. Insurance carriers with the best reputations and most solid financials. We’ve chosen specific plans for individuals and teams based on eligibility, benefits and low cost. We also consider responsiveness and how easily the carriers reimburse claims. Because it’s not “good insurance” if they don’t pay your claim. Or don’t answer your calls.

Good Neighbor Insurance is absolutely committed to the highest standards of integrity, as well as honest communication and personal touch. Unlike many insurance companies, we still answer our phones personally so you won’t have to play “telephone tag.”  We’ll discuss with you the specific issues that go into your quote or cause a claim to be denied. Since we have plans from all the best insurance carriers, you don’t need to worry about whether there is another cheaper rate out there. And since our employees work as a team rather than being paid individual commissions, you won’t need to worry which agent you speak with when you call us with your questions.


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (480) 813-9100.





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