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This book, compliments of Good Neighbor Insurance, will not only tell you what they are, but how to avoid them and have a great trip!


"In danger without knowing it? Don't get stuck overseas without this information."


Millions of travelers go overseas each year. Often without knowing the most common health and travel risks. Terrorism? Catching a cold on the plane? Getting your passport stolen? Having an accident?

What are the Top Three Risks? Find out today. If you love travel, then this book is for you.

Did you know that 30-70% of all travelers will get sick or injured while overseas this year? Don't be a victim! Be safe by learning how to protect yourself. As you'll see, it's easy to do. Common sense plays a large part in keeping you safe when traveling. Other lessons can only be learned from having traveled many miles and suffered many painful nights. That's why we've taken the time to write this guide, so you can learn from others' mistakes.


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Good Neighbor Insurance staff have lived and worked all over the globe themselves. And we share this experience and knowledge to protect fellow travelers like you when traveling internationally for fun or for work.

Our free series of guides is just one more way we can fulfill our purpose of protecting those who travel, and those who volunteer to serve their “neighbors” on the other side of the globe. Good Neighbor Insurance was created 15 yrs.ago, with one purpose. Be the very best international health and travel insurance brokerage serving non-profit organizations, NGOs and travelers worldwide. We carry only the best, most affordable policies from IMG, BUPA, HTH, HCC,... for our 80+ group clients and 100+ organizations and schools under contract, as well as those countless fellow travelers and families that go overseas every year. Good advice. Good affordable protection overseas. Good Neighbor Insurance.


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